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Family Crests and Coat of Arms identified a person long before the use of family surnames became popular.  These symbols, saved for posterity by Heralds of the Royal Courts, were each unique and were not permitted by Royal Law to be duplicated.  Each Coat of Arms and Family Crest is different.  Over 750,000 names researched.  Is Your Name Here?  Check it out for free.

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The art of placing these unique symbols and colors on shields is known as Heraldry.  Heraldic artists skilled in the correct interpretations of the ancient recorded descriptions recreate an accurate Coat of Arms family Crest for you today.  What makes your coat of arms authentic is the research of your surname origin, and the skills of our artists.


Originally, Crests were embroidered on coats which went over a knight's armor to protect them from the heat of the sun.  These Crests, on coats over armor (arms) soon became know as Coat of Arms.  A Crest and Coat of Arms identified the bearer as friend or foe in combat, especially during the Crusades Era.

Because the symbols of a person's family Crest or Coat of Arms were more recognizable than the written word.  And because most people were not learned in reading and writing, the use of a gold crest ring served as a signature on official documents.

A long tradition of joining two families together in marriage is symbolized by the Double Wedding Anniversary Coat of Arms.  Wearing or displaying the married and maiden name Coats of Arms illustrates to friends and family members the long traditions and importance of both your families, and heritage.  They make exceptional gifts.


IS YOUR FAMILY NAME HISTORY RESEARCHED?  We have over 750,000 Family Surname histories researched back to the earliest know recorded records, the country of origin, and original meaning.  Linked to each history is an authentic description of the Heraldic Coat of Arms Family Crest awarded centuries ago.  No two coat of arms are exactly the same.

Who you are and where you came from is all part of your personal family tree history.  Our historians research your family surname origins (not your personal family tree) to begin your historic search of your roots.  Free information and genealogical charts are given to you on this site to get you started on you own family tree.  Great for your next Family Reunion too.

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