People e-mail and call us about discounts for Family Reunions. 

Those planning a Family Reunion want something special for all the family members who make the trip.

So to accommodate, we have selected some of our most popular items and given them quantity discounts for you Family Reunion.  Quantity discounts are for the same Name/Coat of Arms being sent to the same address..  So if you have Smith, Jones, Martin and Jackson all coming to your reunion, the four individual names do not count for the discount.  However, four (4) Coat of Arms for Smith would.

Usually a Family Reunion will be planned in advance.  After all, family members have to coordinate their lives to get there.  So, we ask you to give us time in advance to prepare your order as well.  That way, if we need our artists to do something special for you, we will have time to get it done.  Some items we can get to you in less than a week.  Others may take 6-10 weeks.

You will have the option to order on-line.  But most people wish to place this kind of order over the phone.  You can reach us at 1-941-766-0396.  We are located in Punta Gorda, FL USA.

For questions, e-mail us at